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Company Awards
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Company Awards
2021-2022 Season

Show: Rot 'n Grub

Excellence in Acting - Andrew Kaeppner
Excellence in Acting - Stella Scheidler
Excellence in Costume, Hair & Make-up - Annabel

Howe, Happy Dearwester, and Crews

Excellence in Scenic Design - Charlotte Cox, Lizzie

Pope, Sloan Cochran, and Crew

Overall Production - Rated Superior

2019-2020 Season

Show: Mamma Mia

Excellence in Acting - Sophia Lee
Excellence in Acting - Paige Resor
Excellence in Acting - Braden Perry
Excellence in Running Crew - Andrew Kaeppner

Overall Production - Rated Superior

Show: The Crucible

Excellence in Acting - Emily Ivanov
Excellence in Acting - Tommy Sanders
Excellence in Scenic Design - Annabelle Edrington
Excellence in Props Design - Lizzy Thorman

Overall Production - Rated Excellent

2018-2019 Season

Show: She Kills Monsters

Excellence in Acting - Caitlin Walsh
Excellence in Acting - Claudia Wright
Excellence in Stage Management - Charlotte Kaeppner
Excellence in Lighting Design - Ryan Connelly
Excellence in Sound Design - Jackson Weist

Overall Production - Rated Superior

Show: Beauty & the Beast

Excellence in Acting - Adam Radcliffe
Excellence in Acting - Ian Baker
Excellence in Scenic Design - Sydney Johnston
Excellence in Running Crew - Maya Brooks
Excellence in Set Building - Adam Scalf

Overall Production - Rated Superior

2017-2018 Season

Show: Jane Eyre

Excellence in Acting - Hailey Mauk
Excellence in Acting - Megan Goodlett
Excellence in Acting - Ben Meyers
Excellence in Costume Design - Sophie Cox
Excellence in Set Construction - Jack Reid

Show: Into the Woods

Excellence in Acting - Delaney O’Toole
Excellence in Acting - Audrey Button
Excellence in Acting - Nathan Goodlett
Excellence in Sound Design - Sam Sadler
Excellence in Lighting Construction - Ryan Connelly

League Awards
League Logo.png
The(atre) League Awards
2016-2017 Season

Show: Hamlet

Performance Award: Adam Radcliffe
Performance Award: Nick Long
Film Design Award: Erica Mulcahey & Gabby Soucek
Stage Management Award: Hannah Holderby, Rose

        Hahn, & Katie Hehn

2014-2015 Season

Show: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Performance Award: Sally Modzelewski
Performance Award: Nate Bissinger
Performance Award: Kate Aylward
Performance Award: Tori Caldwell
Lighting Award: David Schweitzer

Overall Production: Superior

2015-2016 Season

Show: Gypsy

Performance Award: Sally Modzelewski
Ensemble Award: the Cast of Gypsy
Scenic Art Award: Sarah Nowak
Orchestra Performance Award: The Gypsy Pit Orchestra

Overall Production: Superior

2013-2014 Season

Show: Mrs. Frisby & the Rats of NIMH

Acting Award: Joey Loebker
Video Production Award: Maria Deiters & Kyle DeBry
Creativity Award: Kate Aylward (for Original Score)
Technical Theatre Award: The Stage Crew

Overall Production: Superior

2012-2013 Season

Show: Romeo & Juliet

(no awards were given out during this first year)

Cappie Awards
Cappies logo web.png
Cappie Awards
2012-2013 Season

Show: Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf   (Nominees & Winners)

Marketing/Publicity: Brad Settle, Jack Bursk, Sam Igel,

and Jessica Kilbourne

Sound: Blake Edmondson, Mitch Broderick, Josh

Bernstein, Jessica Sellers

Lighting: Andy Hillman, David Schweitzer, Sarah

Ashbrook, Miranda Chandler

Sets: Lizzy Heaton, Rhianna Knisley, Emily Clausen
Costumes: Lydia Weigel, Emma Byrd, and Crew
Make-up: Leila Fox, Ashley Byrd, Kylie Gambill
Props: Josh Rivers, Madison Swan, and Crew
Supporting Actress-Play: Allie Dalton

Supporting Actor-Play: Bill Pahutski
Lead Actress-Play: Shannon Sheridan
Beast Lead Actor-Play: Sam Straley
Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf

Best Play 2013 (web 2).jpg
2011-2012 Season

Show: Pippin   (Nominees)

Lighting: David Caggiano, Teddy List, Ben McConnell,

and Nick Reilly

Make-up: Leila Fox, Casey Hawkins, Abbey Henson,

and Katie Lupariello

Props: Alex Bonecutter, Anna Moore, Peter Orkiszewski,

and Josh Rivers

Special Effects/Technology: David Caggiano, Ben

McConnell, Jake Rivers, Brandon Wilton

Featured Actress-Musical: Beth Seeley
Featured Actor-Musical: Joey Loebker
Female Dancer: Megan Anderson
Male Dancer: Brad Settle
Comic Actor-Musical: Sam Straley
Supporting Actress-Musical: Abby Dorsten
Lead Actress-Musical: Shannon Sheridan
Lead Actor-Musical: Blake Edmondson
Song: “Magic to Do”

Performing BB 2010.jpg
Cappie Awards 2010 (web).jpg
2010-2011 Season

Show: Little Shop of Horrors   (Nominees & Winners)

Male Critic: Jeff Heimbrock
Critic Team: Joseph Abraham, Megan Anderson, Emily

Ellis, Jeff Heimbrock, Beth Seeley, Erin Zins

Sound: Andy Knolle, Shelby Banks, Brittany Butterworth

and  Sam Igel

Lighting: Ben McConnell, Julia Burroughs, David

Caggiano, Emily Clausen

Sets: Sam Grevas, Greg Brinkman, Marie Burns, and

Lance Lobenthal

Costumes: Hayley King, Alix Rosa
Props & Effects: Peter Orkiszewski, Alex Bonecutter
Stage Crew: Jon Arnett, Brandon Wilton
Creativity (Technology): Brittany Liu, Ben McConnell,

and Audrey Platt

Ensemble-Musical: “The Doo-Wop Girls” Bailey Rankin,

Bre Jeffery, MK Winstead

Featured Actress-Musical: Shannon Sheridan
Featured Actor-Musical: Sam Straley

Female Dancer: Bailey Rankin
Female Vocalist: MK Winstead
Male Vocalist: Cody Foster
Comic Actor-Musical: Brian Moore
Lead Actor-Musical: Jeff Heimbrock
Song: “Skid Row”
Little Shop of Horrors

2009-2010 Season

Show: Blood Brothers   (Nominees & Winners)

Male Critic: Jeff Heimbrock
Sound: Greg Brinkman, David Caggiano, Tim Fike, Andy Knolle
Lighting: Shelby Banks, Julia Burroughs, Sheehan Hannan, and Ben McConnell

Make-up: Rachel Kuhn, Dominique Schiano
Props & Effects: Lauren Heckman, Rachel Kuhn, Peter Orkiszewski
Ensemble-Musical: “The Brothers” Jeff Heimbrock, Daniel Lees
Featured Actress-Musical: Beth Seeley
Featured Actor-Musical: Cody Foster
Comic Actress-Musical: Lissa Stamler
Comic Actor-Musical: Jeff Heimbrock
Supporting Actress-Musical: Olivia Donnelly
Supporting Actor-Musical: Sam Ray
Lead Actress-Musical: MK Winstead
Lead Actor-Musical: Daniel Lees
Song: “Tell Me It’s Not True”
Blood Brothers

2008-2009 Season

No show was submitted—we had a Critic Team only

2007-2008 Season

No show was submitted—we had a Critic Team only

Cappie Awards 2006.jpg
2006-2007 Season

Show: The Crucible   (Nominees & Winners)

Lighting: Geoff Halpin, Aaron Rice
Ensemble-Play: “Abigail’s Girls” Jennifer Abraham,

Mirriam Henkel-Moellman, Kristen Hollowood, Hannah Thompson, & Emma Wehmeyer

Cameo Actress-Play: Linnea Bond
Cameo Actor-Play: Alex Hoover
Featured Actress-Play: Mirriam Henkel-Moellman
Featured Actor-Play: Andrew Lund

2005-2006 Season

Show: Noises Off    (Nominees & Winners)

Props & Effects: Stephanie Eldred, Dan Hartman, Jill

Steinbeck, Sarah Young

Comic Actor-Play: Gunther Henkel-Moellmann
Comic Actress-Play: Linnea Bond

Featured Actor-Play: John Scheller
Lead Actor-Play: Michael Dauterman
Best Play:
Noises Off

2004-2005 Season

Show: The Diviners    (Nominees & Winners)

Sound: Sam Brode, Kim Simone, David Zimmerman
Lighting: Max Black, Brian Igoe
Featured Actor-Play: Nick Leopold
Lead Actor-Play: Gunther Henkel-Moellmann
Best Play: The Diviners

2003-2004 Season

Show: You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown    (Nominees)

Props & Effects: The entire Props crew
Male Dander: Michael Dauterman
Stage Crew: Andrea Kaiser, Ashley Theuring
Comic Actress-Musical: Erin McCamley
Femail Vocalist: Brittany Wheeler
Featured Actress-Musical: Kiri Crawford
Featured Actor-Musical: Bryan Young
Ensemble-Musical: “Dancing Blankets”
Lead Actor: Adam Reifsnyder
Lead Actress: Corrie Adams
Best Song: “Happiness”
Best Musical:
You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown

2002-2003 Season

Show: Kiss Me Kate    (Nominees)

Female Critic: Elizabeth Broder-Oldach
Props & Effects: Kim Stem
Orchestra: All members of the Pit Orchestra
Ensemble-Musical: “The Gangsters”
Female Vocalist: Karena Mortimer
Male Vocalist: Bryan Young
Comic Actor-Musical: Adam Reifsnyder
Featured Actress-Musical: Erica Russell

2001-2002 Season

Show: Greater Tuna    (Nominees & Winners)

Sound: Karena Mortimer & David Turner
Lighting: Will Cole & Dan Yeatts
Stage Crew: Nick Chapman & Lois Catanzaro
Cameo Actor: Adam Reifsnyder
Ensemble-Play: Michael Krantz & Patrick


Comic Actress-Play: Erica Russell
Comic ActorPlay: Patrick McCamley

Featured Actress-Play: Leah Rudick
Lead Actor-Play: Michael Krantz
Best Play:
Greater Tuna

Thespian Awards
Thespians 2.png
Thespian Awards
2017-2018 Season

Individual Event Awards:

Double Superiors (invited to International conference): Audrey Button for Solo Musical Theatre

Alex Carroll for Solo Mime

Alexis Zoglio & Kertu Bell for Duet Musical Theatre

Megan Goodlett, Nathan Goodlett, & Gracie Harper

for Group Dance

Katie Hehn for Stage Management

Jackson Weist for Sound Design
Superior Award:

Katie Clough for Scenic Design

2015-2016 Season

Individual Event Awards:

Double Superiors (invited to International conference):

Janie Straub for Lighting Design

Malerie Jump for Set Design

Gretchen Baxter for Solo Dance

Conference Honors:

60-Min Performance of our show Game of Tiaras

2012-2013 Season

Individual Event Awards:

Double Superiors (invited to International conference):

Information pending!!!

Conference Honors:

Full Performance of our show 25th Annual Putnam

County Spelling Bee

2010-2011 Season

Individual Event Awards:

Double Superiors (invited to International conference):

Beth Seeley for Playwright

Blake Edmonson & Colin Daly for Duet Mime

Alix Rosa for Costume Construction

Andy Knolle for Sound Design

Conference Honors:

Staged Reading of Beth's winning play Shelf Life

Full Performance of our show Cherry Orchard

Beth Thespians.jpg
2008-2009 Season

Individual Event Awards:

Double Superiors (invited to International conference):

Olivia Donnelly for Solo Musical

Nathan Reynolds & Pat Lambert for Duet Mime
Superior Award:

Annie Hobson & Sam Ray for Duet Musical

Margie Lund for Stage Management

Alix Rosa for Costume Construction

Shannon Sheridan, Megan Peters, Tony Giver, Lissa

Stamler, Alex Yersky, MK Winstead, Dan Lees, Emily Ellis, Brad Settle, Brian Moore, Bailey Rankin, Erin Zins, Christine Justice & Annie Mulcahey for Group Musical

Conference Honors:

60-Min Performance of our show Trojan Women

1998-1999 Season

Conference Honors:

All-Ohio Show Edison Lite cast: Rory Sheridan, Amy Harpring and Katie Rochon

1997-1998 Season

Conference Honors:

Full Performance of our show Children of Eden

All-Ohio Show Tom Jones cast: Rory Sheridan, crew

Nick DelleCave

1996-1997 Season

Individual Event Awards:

Double Superior (invited to International conference):

Jim Norris for Set Design

Conference Honors:

Full Performance of our show Schoolhouse Rock LIVE!

All-Ohio Show Quilt  Music Director: Mr. John

Simpkins; cast: Brooklyn Clary, Brian Preston, Katie Simon, Brian Tierney; ASM: Jennifer Ary

1995-1996 Season

Conference Honors:

CONFERENCE HOST! Approx. 1600 attendees.

Full Performance of our show Joseph & the Amazing

Technicolor Dreamcoat

All-Ohio Show A Flea in Her Ear cast: Phil Hamlin,

crew Jennifer Ary, Michael Belcuore, Rachel Forkner, Adam Hayward and Scott Sellins

NATAS Awards
NATAS Awards
2022-2023 Season

(Nominees & Winners)

Fiction - Short Form or Long Form: ”The Whisper

House” (Devin Lands, Sydney Steinau, et al.)

“What the World Makes of You” (Reid Bhate, Evelyn Fitzgerald)

Commercial: “Adams Heating and Cooling” (Reid

Bhate, Joel Lusheck, Devin Lands)

“Anderson Raptors Volleyball” (Grace Adams)

“MAC Basketball Video” (Grace Adams)

Animation: “Animation Composite” (Paul Brophy)

Director/Writer: “The Whisper House” (Devin Lands)

Editor or Audio/Sound: “Halo 2 VO Exercise” (Joel Lusheck)

“The Whisper House” (Devin Lands, Sydney Steinau, Reid Bhate)

Photographer: "Sydney Steinau - DP Reel" (Sydney Steinau)

Student emmy 2022.jpeg
2021-2022 Season

(Nominees & Winners)


Non-Fiction Long Form: Anderson Film Documentary

(Matthew Gonzalez)

Fiction Long Form: “Fraying” (Lily Biggs)

”Clock Watcher” (Andrew Kaeppner)

Commercial: ”Philo Plant Shop” (Abbie Lantz)

2019-2021 Seasons

(Nominees & Winners)


Non-Fiction Short Form: “In Loving Memory” (Anni Newton)
Non-Fiction Long Form: “Wired” (Sarah Mahaney)
Music Video: “Writers Block in July” (Emilie Maggard)
Fiction Short Form: “8 Ball” (Mason Weber)

“Campers” (Jack Chandler)

Fiction Long Form: “Clickbait” (Jillian Helm),

“Tangled Line” (Jack Chandler)

“The River's Edge” (Caitlin Walsh )

“Stories from the Dreamscape” (Emily Ivanov)

Public Service Announcement (PSA): “Wash Your Hands”

(Luke McClain)

Commercial: “Gramma's Pizza” (Jillian Helm)

“Macbeth Trailer” (Jillian Helm)

Student Emmy Wired (web).jpg
Student Emmy Riverside (web).jpg
Student Emmy Dreamscape (web).jpg
OINK Awards
Oink black.png
2023-2024 Season

Judges Choice - Chad Bowling for "Stuffed"

Best Screenplay - Chrisanthi Burch for "Head Case"

Oink 2023-2.JPG
Oink 2023-1.JPG
2022-2023 Season

Best Experimental/Expressive Film: Grace Adams for

"Volleyball Hype Video"

Best Screenplay: Devin Lands for "The Whisper House"

2021-2022 Season

Best Screenplay: Lily Biggs for “Fraying”
Best Documentary: Andrew Kaeppner for “The New Normal”

OINk Awards
2019-2021 Seasons

Best Screenplay: Luke McClain for “Bottle Man”
Best Experimental Film: Andrew Kaeppner for “AHS Cross

Country Hype Video”

Audience Choice Award:  Jillian Helm for “Clickbait”

Grand Jury Prize:  Jillian Helm for “Clickbait”
Mentor of the Year - Chad Weddle

Film OINK 2020.jpeg
Chad OINK 2020 (web).jpg
2018-2019 Season

Best Documentary: Sarah Mahaney for “This is How It Ends”
Best Experimental Film: Emilie Maggard for “Below Average”

Golden Lion Awards
Golden Lion.png
Golden Lion Awards
2018-2019 Season

Golden Lions

Informational/Educational: Emily Newman for

“Learning Commons Video”


Commercial: Amy Bushman for “Football Hype Video”
PSA: Emily Newman for “Anxiety PSA”
Music Video: Erica Mulcahey & Amy Bushman

for “Loud Whispers”

Information/Educational: Megan Goodlett for “Forest

Hills Foundation Soiree”

Documentary: Josie Erickson for “Tri for Joe”

2017-2018 Season

Golden Lions

Music Video: Claudia Wright, Mason Weber, Hailey

Mauk, Jack Reid, Kathy Hillman, Andrew McKey, Jack Chandler, Ben Thompson for “Waitin' on the Weekend to Come"

Mountain Lions

Commercial: Andrew Kaeppner, Adam Scalf, Ben

Blavet for “Chris Kaeppner, Ph. D."


Commercial: Anni Newton & Emilie Maggard for

"Thacker Commercial"

Informational/Educational: Sydney Robb, Kathleen

Hillman, Sean Scott, Mason Weber

for "Warrior Run"

Short Documentary: Sarah Mahaney, Austin Bally,

Arianna Mauk, Jackson Weist

for "This is How it Ends"

2016-2017 Season

Golden Lions

Animation: Kyle DeBry, for "Game of Tiaras"
Music Video: Katelyn Peters & Delaney O’Toole

for "Loud Whispers"

White Lions

Commercial: Nick Long for "Luckman Coffee”
Documentary: Katelyn Nevin for "Letters to Him"

Mountain Lions

Informational/Educational: Gabby Soucek for

"Sweeney Todd Safety Video”

Documentary: Hannah Holdeby & Noah Wadley

for "Marjorie Book"


Comedy Short: Lindy Rutledge for "Mallowed"
Alternative: Amy Bushman for “Sweeney Todd Promo”
Short Narrative: Meredith Eldred for


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