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The Glass Menagerie

Play by
Tennessee Williams

Directed by

Hannah Linser-Wilder

February 15 & 17, 2024

Glass Cover.jpg

Digital Program

The Glass Menagerie is a semi-autobiographical masterpiece by Tennessee Williams, one of the greatest American playwrights of all time. The play focuses on the lives of the Wingfield family in depression-era St. Louis: mother Amanda, a faded southern belle who makes life nearly unbearable for her children; son Tom, a self-described poet frustrated by his stifling job; and daughter Laura, a painfully shy girl who wants nothing more than to hide among her little glass animals.

Narrated by an older Tom Wingfield, this “memory play” reflects on family dysfunction and the difficulty of accepting reality. Called by Williams himself “the truth in the pleasant disguise of memories,” The Glass Menagerie is a lyric and emotional masterpiece that helped alter the course of American theatre from light-hearted entertainment into a serious art form

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