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Chad Weddle.jpg
Chad Weddle
Producer and
Artistic Director
Hannah L-W.jpg
Hannah linser-wilder
John L-W.jpg
John linser-wilder
Technical Director
Hannah Holderby.jpg
Hannah Holderby
Assistant Technical Director
Erin Speno.jpg
Erin Speno
Assistant Technical Director
Emily Weddle.jpg
Emily Weddle
Assistant Technical Director
Elaine 2.jpg
Elaine Seeley
Executive Director
Nate Bissinger.jpg
Nate Bissinger
Assistant Director
Amy Burgess.jpg
Amy Burgess
Orchestra Director (Spring)
Tim Combes.jpg
Tim Combes
Stage & Film
Assistant Director
Alan Masters.jpg
Alan Masters
Music Director (Fall)
Nick Howrey.jpg
Nick Howrey
Film Technical Director
Kailee P.jpg
Kailee Poston
Director of Photography
Emily Newman.jpg
Emily Newman
Film Assistant Technical Director
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