Audition & Interview Information

All AHS Students are encouraged to participate in Anderson Theatre & Film season productions, as actors and as technicians. Auditions (for performers) and Interviews (for crew members) are held twice a year, in September and  December. In September we cast and crew for the Fall Musical and the Mainstage Film event, in December we cast and crew for the Winter Play and the Spring Musical.

Our requirements for each session vary to match the needs of each particular show. Please read the information below carefully, understand these requirements fully, and prepare for your audition or interview as well as you can. The Drama Club offers an "Audition & Interview Workshop" at the beginning of each school year, and new students are highly encouraged to attend.

 We'll See you in the Fall!.

Watch this website for announcements and information about our 2021-2022 Season!

Required Forms

Permission forms

Must be signed by students and parents ONLY ONCE each school year:

Show specific forms

Must be filled out by students for each individual show: