Drama Club is a place where students come together to have fun, make new friends, and celebrate their passion for Performing Arts. Through a welcoming atmosphere, informative meetings, and fun activities, Drama Club allows students to meet new people, try new things, and explore new skills. Yearly trips create opportunities for Drama Club members to learn from professionals within the performing arts industry and explore colleges in surrounding communities. Fundraisers and other community outreach events bring theatre to our wider community. At Drama Club, we hang out together, explore the Arts, and learn from each other!

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“Nailed It!” • A Virtual Ice Cream Social!

On Thursday, September 3rd at 7 pm, AHS Theatre & Film families are invited to join FAD for a virtual gathering featuring a friendly ice cream competition and lots of information about the coming year.  Read the invitation for more info, and follow the link to join the Google Meet. All interested parents and students are encouraged to attend!

Welcome Mr. Bissinger!

AHS English Teacher (and Anderson Theatre alum!) Nate Bissinger will be taking over Drama Club Mentorship this year!


Mr. Bissinger is excited to work closely with the students to add opportunities and activities to the usual Drama Club experience. With the lack of a mainstage show this Fall, there will be much more time available, and Drama Club will be able to focus on new activities that can keep all students involved in Theatre and Film. We are excited to see what they come up with.

2020-2021 Drama Club Officers

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