We are the educational Theatre and Film organization for Anderson High School. Our goal is to enrich our students in the performance, technical, and literary aspects of

Theatre and Film through extensive classroom experiences, mainstage productions, and wider extracurricular activities. We produce three stage productions and one major film event each school year.


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The 2020-2021 Season

We must regretfully announce that this Fall we will not be able to produce a Musical or film for the 2021 Film Festival. This decision was not made lightly, but is ultimately the best way for us to protect the emotional and physical well-being of our students.


With this decision, we align with other professional and collegiate Theatre companies in the Cincinnati area who are also postponing the start of their seasons. The challenges involved with in-person rehearsals and filming were only part of this decision. It is also true that a live performance in November is too much to hope for, and that the show we planned to produce is not available for licensing in any virtual format. Our experiences last Spring also made it clear that it is unfair to the students to add significant film recording and editing tasks to their already stressful learning situations.

However, with the understanding that future unexpected circumstances may require a change in plans, we currently DO intend to produce Macbeth this winter, as well as The Addams Family this Spring. In fact, we are hoping to move the auditions/interviews for Macbeth earlier in the school year, if possible, so stay tuned for updates!

Titus Auditorium is getting a Make-Over

In May, the FHSD Board unanimously approved a lease agreement with Seven Hills Church for their use of Titus Auditorium (along with the Black Box and other spaces) on Sundays. As part of the agreement, Seven Hills will be investing approximately $400,000 in audio/visual equipment upgrades for Titus!

The full text of the lease agreement is available online (ask me for a copy if you are curious!), but know that Mr. Weddle has been working with the Church representatives for many weeks, and feels confident that this arrangement overall is an enormous benefit for our Department. Since we won’t be using Titus in the fall, upgrades and renovation can move full steam ahead, and we’ll see the rewards even sooner than anticipated.


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