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We are the educational Theatre and Film organization for Anderson High School. Our goal is to enrich our students in the performance, technical, and literary aspects of

Theatre and Film through extensive classroom experiences, mainstage productions, and wider extracurricular activities. We produce three stage productions and one major film event each school year.

our 2022-2023 season

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 Latest News.

For the 60th Sporing Musical, we Bring It On!

Anderson High School’s 60th spring musical is Bring It On: the Musical, a high-flying look at competitive cheerleading from some of Broadways brightest minds, including lyrics and music by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

With a colorful assortment of characters, an exciting fresh sound, and explosive choreography, this musical is nothing like you ever seen before. Celebrate 60 years of spectacular spring musicals with us, and watch Anderson Bring It On!

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