We are the educational Theatre and Film organization for Anderson High School. Our goal is to enrich our students in the performance, technical, and literary aspects of

Theatre and Film through extensive classroom experiences, mainstage productions, and wider extracurricular activities. We produce three stage productions and one major film event each school year.


 Latest News.

Shop or Get Crafty and Support FAD!

We have two fundraisers coming up--join in and help support FAD's activities throughout the year!

Uptown Art December.jpg

Enjoy a casual painting class at Uptown Arts!

  • December 2nd, from

     7:00 to 9:30pm.

  • Register here:


Enjoy a Shop 'n' Sip at Juneberry Botique!

  • December 7th, all

     day long, 10% of

     purchases go to FAD.

   • Shop 'n' Sip event

     runs from 5:00 to

     7:30 pm.

Anderson Film wins Five OINK Awards

Anderson Theatre & Film had some amazing successes this weekend!! We participated in the 2020 OINK Film Festival at NKU--a regional Film Festival that is open to schools in Tri-State Area. It is our second year participating in the festival, and this year Anderson Film won five of the seven awards presented!

Luke McClain - Best in Screenwriting

Andrew Kaeppner - Best of Alternative Film

Jillian Helm - Audience Choice Award

Jillian Helm - Grand Jury Prize (Top Honor at the Festival)

Chad Weddle - Mentor of the Year

Please check out the winning work, and ALL our Film Student's work, on our YouTube Channels:

Anderson Film: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcchVA26Aug4-5EcD1qLXVw

TOAST Film Camp: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFBxsiH0ozPzsUSadRTfxaw

Support Macbeth

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, performances of Macbeth are restricted to family/friends of the cast and crew. We are, however, determined to give the students of Anderson Theatre & Film a safe, fun, and high-quality theatrical experience, despite the many limitations. You can help—not by purchasing tickets, but by donating directly to the AT&F Department. Become a Contributor or purchase an ad in our Program, and support the survival of performing arts in these unusual times. THANK YOU.

Macbeth Cast and Crew Resources

Remember that all noticies, room links, etc. for the production of Macbeth will be posted on the "Macbeth Cast & Crew Resources" page of this website. You can find it by clicking the "Get Involved" tab in the main menu at the top of every page.

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