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We are the educational Theatre and Film organization for Anderson High School. Our goal is to enrich our students in the performance, technical, and literary aspects of

Theatre and Film through extensive classroom experiences, mainstage productions, and wider extracurricular activities. We produce three stage productions and one major film event each school year.

our 2024-2025 season

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 Latest News.

Announcing Our 2024-2025 Season:

Chicago: Teen Edition
*Collaboration with Turpin High School*

Directed by Nate Bissinger
October 25-27
Tickets go on sale to the public on 9/21/2024

Chicago is a legendary, Tony award-winning musical about fame, fortune and acquittal—a masterful, musical commentary on American celebrity culture.

Lord of the Flies

*Collaboration with Turpin High School*

Directed by Chad Weddle

November 1-3

A stage adaptation of the classic William Golding novel, where of a group of English school boys are stranded on a island and forced to confront not only the defects of their society, but the defects of their own natures.

The Tempest
Directed by Hannah Linser-Wilder
January 31-February 2
Tickets go on sale to the public on 12/28/25

One of William Shakespeare’s most thrilling plays, The Tempest opens with a storm, a shipwreck, and powerful magic. It expertly combines comedy, drama and even music to tell a captivating story of love, revenge, and magic.

2025 Mainstage Film: Behind Closed Doors

*Collaboration with Turpin High School*
Written and Directed by Mary Harpring
March 14-15
Tickets go on sale to the public on 2/8/2025

Film students from both Anderson and Turpin high schools collaborate once again on this original thriller, written by Turpin senior Mary Harping and scored by Turpin senior Joshua Yamaguchi.

Disney’s Frozen, Jr.
Directed by Chad Weddle
April 24-27
Tickets go on sale to the public on 3/8/2025

The Broadway musical Frozen focuses on the relationship between two royal sisters, Elsa, and Anna. When their kingdom is thrown into an endless winte, only true love and sacrifice can make things right. This family-friendly production is filled with familiar and beloved characters and songs.

The Whisper House wins National Award

We are thrilled that our 2023 mainstage film, The Whisper House, has won the award for Best Fiction—Long Form from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (the Emmys) at both the State and National level! We could not be more proud of our amazing Film students!

You can see the official list of winners and watch the ceremony here. Our award is given out near the end of the ceremony!

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