Written by
William Shakespeare

Directed by

Jared Earland

February 20, 21 & 22, 2021

Virtual Program

Filled with action and intrigue, “Macbeth” is William Shakespeare’s shortest and most intense tragedy. The play opens with three witches using magic and prophesy to set alight the political ambitions of the warrior Macbeth, and soon his wife fans those flames into a wildfire that threatens to consume them both. The Macbeths pursue power for its own sake, and step by step they loose themselves in a world filled with treachery, murder, and madness.

Anderson Theatre’s production is set among the Picts, the last Iron Age tribe of Scotland, highlighting the mysticism and raw brutality of Macbeth’s story. Guest Directed by Jared Earland, this production will thrill audiences with battles, betrayals, and the dark lessons that all those who seek power must learn, one way or another.

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