Anderson Theatre, Film, and Dance

Anderson Theatre is an educational theatre organization designed to enrich the students and community in the performance, technical, and literary aspects of theatre by means of the classroom, productions, and extracurricular activities.

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to the Casts and Crews of the Fall Musical and 2020 Film Festival!
We are excited to work with you all! Lists are posted on each show's Page.

Submit your Conflict form and two Permission forms, available here
on the Auditions Info & Forms page.

Attend the First Rehearsal on Tuesday (Sept. 3) at 6:00 in Titus.
Wear a black shirt for your headshots, and bring your Fee & Forms
...or send those in with your Parent(s)...

PARENTS must attend the Parent Meeting that same evening (Sept. 3),
at 9 pm in the Learning Commons/Media Center!!
Our Most Recent Shows:

Disney's Beauty & the Beast - Spring 2019


2 Mars (Film) - Winter 2019


She Kills Monsters - Winter 2019