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Anderson Theatre is an educational theatre organization designed to enrich the students and community in the performance, technical, and literary aspects of theatre by means of the classroom, productions, and extracurricular activities.

Recent News

Man of La Mancha, Quarantine Edition

Man of La Mancha will be presented as a YouTube Premiere event on Saturday, May 30th, beginning at 7:00 pm eastern. It stands as a testament to the hope, creativity, ingenuity, and strength of its Directors, Cast, and Crew. We dearly hope you enjoy our Impossible Dream made possible.

Congratulations to our 2020 Scholarship Award Winners
FAD Scholarships
Awarded to graduating seniors who have made their Anderson Theatre & Film experience a centerpiece of their high school experience.

Performance              Technical
Nathan Goodlett               Elizabeth Thorman
Sophia Lee                         Charlotte Kaeppner

The Audrey Rapien Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to a graduating senior whose passion for Theatre combined with their service to others have led them to where they are today.

Jadyn Riggs

The Hope Service Scholarship

Awarded to a graduating senior who gives both service and hope to the rest of the department, who goes above and beyond without needing praise or recognition for their acts.

Adam Scalf

The Theatre Achievement Awards

Awarded to graduating seniors  who have been pivotal members of the Department for several years, contributing significantly to its growth and success.

Adam Scalf

Charlotte Kaeppner

Donation Information:

In a normal year, our shows would be ticketed events, allowing us to cover the many costs involved. But this year's events are being shared with the public free of charge via YouTube Premiere. We are excited for our student's creative work to be celebrated with a wider community in this way, and recognize that art is something we can all turn to in times of crisis to ease our stress, give us hope, and inspire our better natures.

If you enjoy our work, please consider making a donation to the Anderson Theatre & Film department. Your gift will allow us to cover costs and continue providing training and experiences to our students in the Fall and into the future, and will be greatly appreciated.

You can donate directly through Venmo @Friendsof-AndersonDrama, or through Mail using the link below. Thank you!!

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